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School Year Highlights

Photo Jul 23 2023, 4 56 17 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 23 2023, 4 56 17 PM.jpg

Summer Dance Camp

Dance Team attends WCE's weekend dance camp with convention style master classes and team bonding activities.  It's a great start to the new year! 

Camp is usually in July and attendance at camp is mandatory unless approved by coaches.

Football Season

Dance Team performs at halftime for all varsity home football games beginning in August and going through November.

Team dinners are held before each game to help with team unity! Highlights of the season include the Homecoming game!


Basketball Season

Similar to football games, Dance Team performs at halftime for all varsity home basketball games in January and into February.

Team dinners again are held before each game.  Highlights of basketball season include Senior Night for dance team.


Dance Team competes in multiple styles of dance including contemporary, lyrical, jazz and hip hop.  Choreography is practiced throughout the year.  Competitions are mandatory unless approved by a coach with advance notice.  Dance Team will participate in 2-3 competitions a year through WCE.

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More throughout the year...

In addition to camp in the summer, Dance Team's welcome pool party will help everyone get to know each other. 

Big/little sister groups are assigned and grow friendships throughout the school year through secret gift exchanges or activities. 

Dance Team participates in the HB Light a Light of Love parade during the holiday season, and sells Valentine-grams for fundraising.  

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